So I have put everything on the back burner. We have had a lot of things happen and has not been for the good. I strongly believe in KRAMA. Well it has hit us. I recently lost, quit or whatever you want to call it my job , because I had found the "Job of My Dreams" you may have also heard if it sounds to go to be true it is...I found that out the hard way. I put my 2 weeks in at Lowes thinking that I have made a great choice that would help my family with the amount of money I would be making. WRONG My so called "friend" that offered me the job, called and told me that he would not hire me because I have kids in which he new the whole time. So I found the guts to call Lowes and ask for my job back, well they said that they can't take my 2 weeks back because they have not let other employee's do it so it is only fair which i agree with. So here I sit with no job and stress out my back end that is not good.
What I am getting at is how supportive Chris has been (like always) with me trying to find another job. He has been the hand that is holding me up. I can't think of any other person that would do the same for me. He has recently pickup cycling and with that him, his brother and sister just completed a TRI at DayBreak and the received first place. Looking back I have made a lot of bad chooses and I feel that quitting Lowe's has been the hardest one yet. Mom tells me that she did not feel good about me taking that other job so she but my name on the pray role And that this aloud a higher power step in and kept me safe and I look back and not all that was said and or done with this job added up. So I am looking for work and it is not to easiest journey that I have on but I have learned 2 things is how much I love Chris and when is sounds to good to be true it is. Oh and I guess your parents are always right.....

I guess it is time to update..

A lot of thing have happened in the last couple of month. We are now living with Chris Garndma to help her out. The boys are enjoying the summer. And I am just doing it one day out at a time. Chris and I are starting to ride bikes and I guess that puts us in with the rest of the Blair Packer Family. Crazy how one person starts something and we all follow.

The best way to come home!!!

Today I worked 11-8. When I walked in the door my house was spotless and there was dinner on the table. Chris is the best husband in the world. The boys were watching a movie and were already fed. There is no better way to come home!!!! Thanks honey I love you.....


Here are a few pictures

So on Tuesday I get up and start on my normal workout and I like to switch off on the type of stuff I do so I can get my whole body in shape. So I decided to start with some yoga to get me warmed up. I was about 15 mins into the workout,when it was time to do the lung while holding your arms out and standing still for 20 seconds, I was talking to Jackson and was trying to get stable when my back foot rolled forward and I tried to twist so that I would not hurt myself. Well that did not happen as you can see. So I am only able to do abs and arms for the next 2 weeks and then I can try to use my foot again. I did tair some ligaments but nothing broke.

Sweet!! It keeps rolling off DOWN 22 LBS

I am so tickled to share that I am down 22lbs. I was scared that with the holidays it would the other way around. I tried so hard not to eat junk food and it paid off. This is the hardest time of year with having the family's that I have that are some of the best cooks in the world. What a way to start the new year off!! WOW I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT..... I have never stuck to something like this before and actually see results.

Time for Sub for SANTA

It is that time of the year for giving and not just receiving. Every year we as a family find a family of kids that wont be able to get any gifts. Chris and I have decided for the 2ND year not to get each other a gift. Instead we will spend that money on teaching our kids on importance of helping others during this time of year. This year I had a co-worker with a close friend that the husband lost his job awhile back. He has one now (which is good) but they are so far behind we stepped up and told them we would take care of there Christmas for the kids. They have four kids at the age of 6 girl, 4 boy, 2 boy, and a 2 month old boy. So off one night to the store with our 2 boys for the shopping of the Gifts. We told them what we were doing before we left so they would understand. We allowed them to pick out all the toys for the 3 older kids. I picked out the baby stuff and the clothes. We made sure and got some toys to wrap, a toy from the big guy that comes down the chimney(since that is what kids will remember the most), and a new outfit to wear. This year we had some generous help from Mike and Laura Lance( my parents) they got them a new set of pajamas for them to open on Christmas eve. and to wear for the night. We feel like we did a great job this year (as you can see from the picture).Yes and I am proud to announce that Chris's parents chose to help out with food. They bought them a Turkey, eggs, bread, muffins, milk, pineapple, oranges, potatoes for a nice meal on Christmas day. It looks like a lot but there is 4 kids to take care of. We enjoy doing this as a family and know one day our kids will truly understand in what we have chosen to do each year. We are very proud of our parents to choose on there own without being asked to pitch in. It was there choice and example of life on why Chris and I do things like this. We couldn't have asked for anything better. We hope you all have a good Christmas and a Great new year. Best wishes and remember to PAY IT FORWARD.


I know that I am going a little over board on this weight loss thing but, My first goal was to hit 10lbs I wanted to do it by the end of Oct. but I am still happy that I made my goal. My next one is 20lbs and I am thinking that I will gave myself till February. That way I know I will be able to do it.(I hope). I have been sick the last 2 days and I have not been able to do a lot so I am scared of the scale. But still happy about the 10 lbs